The Beautiful World Movement is a Hyderabad based Non-Profit Student Organisation that aims to change the world in their own way. Founded in 2016 by a small bunch of students, the initiative saw rapid growth among a lot of students in the city. After a stretch of orphanage visits and fundraisers, they were able to raise over Rs.2,00,000 to contribute to education and animal welfare initiatives. They also closely worked with artist communities like Tree Huggers Club & Hyderabad Children’s Theatre Festival to raise awareness for their cause.
The Summer Course held by TBWM has been the happiest time of the year for 100s of volunteers who work towards raising as many funds as they can, to help academics of underprivileged children. Keeping it very fun and creating a feel-good work environment to make a difference is something they’ve been constantly achieving. Volunteer to know more!

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TBWM Summer Course

Summer is the happiest time of the year here at The Beautiful World Movement. Since 2017, we have been holding Summer Courses for students from all over Hyderabad to participate in. Hundreds of us visit orphanages and animal shelters throughout summer aiming to raise funds for all their requirements! We also work endlessly to raise all academic requirements for the children for the school years starting in June! The Summer Course also includes the organising of two of our most favourite days of the year, The Carnival and The Fundraiser. Register to join!

People's Collective 2018 w/ Tree Huggers Club

People’s Collective was a one of a kind initiative taken up by Tree Huggers Club in collaboration with The Beautiful World Movement. The event saw 150 local musicians coming together to sing the iconic ‘Another Brick In The Wall’ by Pink Floyd. We brought together one of the biggest artist communities in the city to put together an amazing movement! We said ‘Spread Love Through Music’ and we did exactly that! #TBWM🌏

Hyderabad Children's Theatre Festival

Hyderabad Children’s Theatre Festival 2018 was the 9th edition of India’s largest children’s theatre festival. As Community Partners, we were the driving workforce behind the happenings of the event. Our volunteers visited schools every day to present the event and were responsible for all activities during the 3 day festival in December. Title sponsor, BIG BAZAAR also donated Tasty Treats™️ to all our children who also got the watch the theatre plays! This wonderful opportunity was a great learning experience for the team. #TBWM🌏
TBWM Summer Course
TBWM Summer Carnival

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