The Beautiful World Movement is a student organization that was founded in May 2016, by a small group of high school students to make a change in the society in their own small way. Sidharth Bendi, 17 at the time, along with a fellow aspiring musician wrote a song ‘Beautiful World’, the music video for which, was shot when the group visited ‘Grace Children’s Home’ in Sainikpuri on a holiday to donate a small amount of money and spend time with the children. Inspired by the song and the visit, They spread the word to hundreds of other students who all helped towards rapid growth of the organization. They constantly held events to help educational and animal welfare organizations. The biggest of the events organized was the Fundraiser, that still takes place at ‘Our Sacred Space’, Maredpally. With an attendance of about 120 students, they were able to raise 25,000 rupees being a month old organization.

 The work was continued and more people joined as they held their 2nd and 3rd fundraisers in October 2016 and May 2017 respectively. They have also held a Summer Course for students of all ages, where they organized orphanage visits every weekend of May 2017 for the volunteers to do some welfare work for a certificate of participation and appreciation for the work. All the money raised was used to donate to various orphanages and animals welfare organizations. They have also used some of the funds to manufacture T-Shirts, Wristbands, and Badges which are in turn sold at a reasonable profit to raise funds. The group is excited and determined to hold many more events and visits to constantly inspire the youth to put a foot forward for the betterment of the society.

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